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“MOTIV8 Yourself Into A Healthy Mental Space”

“MOTIV8 Yourself Into A Healthy Mental Space” I’m still geeking over the fact that I managed to purchase J. Cole tickets and will be seeing him live in September, hence the title beginning with “Motiv8….” However, this is NOT a post about Jermaine (although, it could easily turn in this direction), this post is about self-preservation in […]

The Humanization Of The Human Experience — Or the recent lack thereof.

A brief PSA: For the sake of this article, I’d like to first and foremost say that respectfully I do not consider myself a  “fan” of Meek Mills music. Without ever priding myself on closely following his music career, the views expressed in this post are genuinely rooted in my disappointment regarding the backlash that […]

There’s No “We” Without ME: The Value of Individuality in Relationships.

We live in a society where it has been historically normative to undermine Women. Women have had to fight for mediocre rights, that of which men have seemed to automatically be privileged to. From my perspective, this separation of genders seems to be the root of biblical times—where Eve came from the rib of Adam. […]