BTS: “All the Things Adults Didn’t Tell You About Adulting”.

“Adulting isn’t a phase that we master but a journey.” – Myself

Listen, I could write about a book about this (*cues thoughts because perhaps I should*). GROWING UP IS MESSY!!! If you thought or are thinking that adolescents is the worst part brace yourself because it isn’t. In fact there is no such thing as the ‘worst part’, each are seasons and have their own respected place with their own struggles, joys, lessons and experiences. OWN THEM, because many only come around once. And those that can repeat themselves often do so, to give you a another opportunity to evolve with your response.

While writing this and more so after publishing it, I’ve been challenging my ideology of growing up. I’ve been questioning the origin of my perception and pursuing a fresh perspective. One that acknowledges that growing pains provide elevation, harvest, character, integrity and so much more. It’s through these dirty, dry wilderness experiences that we privately curate the very substance that the public will identify as being purpose.

“What didn’t you do to bury me. But you forgot that I was a seed”-Dinos Christianopoulos.


Grow into your glory with grace and strength!

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