BTS: “Draw Inspiration, Not Comparison From Instagram”

“Everything that glitters ain’t gold…” – Who knows who to credit for this classic.

As I’ve been growing and challenging myself within my career path I’ve been learning this harsh lesson. Over and over, again and I will not lie to you (in honor of  House Rule #2 KEEP IT G. Oh, if for any reason this sounds foreign to you, it’s probably because it is! So please, slide right under this article and pay “GANG, GANG! The official welcome a visit” here’s the link if you’re lazy: link for GANG, GANG!) it only gets harder each dose of this reality you have to swallow.

The process to success SUCKS, hence why many abort the mission before even reaching a breakthrough. However, with social media we have a plethora of individuals who have maximized their journey and are actively showcasing their shine!

A personal fave of mine is BELCALIS herself. Bardigang UNITE!!!

I’ve been a day 1 Cardi B fan, so much so that my car is named after her birth name! I’ve always found both her and her story to be beautiful and inspiring… the way she’s evolved and blossomed. From the strip club to pursuing her real passion and DOMINATING at that… like “Bodak Yellow” a banger track!  I’ve read the comments under her post and have seen some critics peg her to be an ‘overnight success’ which in my opinion is preposterous because no one is a “overnight” anything. However, with social media we’re often deceived to into believing that these wins just happen… they don’t! Even the ‘right time, right place’ scenarios are a product of a decision, dedication of time, passion… something.

Dues are always being paid and most often they’re done in the secret places… don’t be fooled. To win you have to grind regardless of what  IG feeds would have you to believe.

So when you feel your wheels turning  down the roads of lust, the avenues of ungrateful and the boulevards of complaints after an hour of scrolling through IG please remind yourself not to be deceived. Those shining 9x out 10 worked for specifically for their time and as history is sure to repeat itself, you too will have to do the same!

“Wrong one, grind and your time gon’ come
They say when you chase the money, the money gone run
But you so impatient, feel like you need a home run” -Bump J on G Herbo’s “Crown”.

Don’t cheat yourself out the necessary strikes and bases trying to finesse your first home run, but earn every stripe leading up to that crown!

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