BTS: “How Should One Wait”



HSOW was inspired by my single life… oh the ebbs and flows of being single. The up of “living single and feeling free to do as I please with no one else to consider, no one to answer too” to “the blues of feeling lonely and needing a man to understand” I’ve felt them both AND feel them both frequently.

‘Waiting’ is never easy, it never has been and quite frankly it never will be (no need to sugar coat this thing)! Which is why, it’s important to manage how you wait. Consider it all, because it really does matter. Waiting for a significant other can’t be the goal in the “waiting” if that makes sense, but more so taking advantage of your time and maximizing the opportunities that are ahead!

HSOW focuses on taking a risk for and on yourself! Trusting the process for what it is and committing to seek joy in the waiting… whether the man/woman comes or not! Making the appropriate changes for yourself, and learning to be your own reason!

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