BTS: “The Power of Purpose”

“Keep in mind that purpose is simply having the ‘end in view’, meaning your end goal of fulfillment should always be in mind.”-Myself.

 I wrote TPOP this past July, a time when I  was wildly excited about where God was taking me. Where that destination was, I did not know…. Where it is now? I still do not know, and although my excitement has been up and down due to life, the meat of this piece still remains. Purpose is forever, it pursues us even when we do not and cannot see. It steers us through the power of our spirits and propels us forward, when we willingly would rather remain stagnant, or get this even go backwards! It’s God given… one of the many gifts he has bestowed upon us.

At least purpose has been such for my life, and it’s in my most humble opinion that it is so LOUD and VIBRANT because I’ve spent enough time desiring to discover it, that it now desires to discover me too. With this in mind, I only ask that you consider your desires and knowledge of who you are and your purpose while reading this!


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