BTS: “Your Comfort Zone is Where Dreams Go to Die.”

“The good in our lives is to be fully enjoyed but never misconstrued as something that it wasn’t intended to be. That something is the end. We work hard to obtain new heights from ‘faith to faith…’ from ‘glory to glory’ it’s a never-ending pursuit … one that complacency seeks to destroy.”- myself.

This piece has been a fine reminder for myself to do inventory on my present and my dreams. To recollect where I’ve travelled from and to remember where I’m going, as well as assess my present to ensure that I’m content with where God has me but still continuing to press forward.

” Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts !” – Proverbs 2:23 (MSG).

A mantra for myself as I often remind myself to work through the uncomfortable stages of life and to press forward. Growth requires a lot inventory, a lot of courage and a lot of faith.

Don’t allow what momentarily feels good keep you from your further glory.

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