GANG, GANG! The official welcome.

Cheers to an official welcome!!

For those acquainted with LITTLE whiteside I know that y’all were wondering when I was going to just upgrade to a website. I know, I know… I can hear y’all in my head now, talking about my instagram is MAD messy with all of those loose links.

Well, the wait is over as I’ve found a brand new home here at WordPress (s/o to the host site!).

What to expect here:

A ton of Behind the scenes “BTS” work will be featured on this site. Just think of this as your official guide to all of my work for both The Odyssey Online and The GirlMOB as I’ll be writing briefs regarding my inspo and dropping links!

Also expect whatever new content I’m creating. I’ve been working on some exclusive things that I would prefer to keep for myself, so as I journey through the balancing act of being a full-time journalist, part-time culture writer/content creator and life-long visionary I’ll be sure to keep you “filled” in.

Last but not least, HOUSE RULES. Yes, yes, I have to include them.

  1. R E S P E C T  the craft: The craft is truth. It’s that simple! As I’m diving in my own messy truths, I hope that you’d decide to do the same. So respect yourself enough to allot time to feel through this content rather than just read or browse.
  2. KEEP IT G: Again, the craft is truth. And love is law so there is no fear around these parts. I thrive on expression and hope that you, my audience will as well. I mean, if we’re a gang than that’s our initiation… living by our honesty. Which isn’t a pass to be messy or rude (perhaps, I’ll write a piece discussing the difference so we’re all on the same page).
  3. SHARING IS CARING: I thrive on responses. Although, I write for myself first and foremost I believe that connectivity is how humanity not only survives but prospers. Strength resides where? IN NUMBERS! So lets add to each other by depositing healthy perspectives, comments and concerns! Pour into me as I pour into you. After all, Mi casa (this site) es su casa!

Now that your initiation is complete,


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