BTS: “Death to Who?”

“Who ever told you that Resurrection was a thing of the past?”- Myself.

“DTW” was written with the joy of celebrating Resurrection Sunday and in return observing what Christ’s Resurrection has in return done for my life and what such ultimately means. Short, simple and sweet it means VICTORY!

No matter what the score is looking like in the fourth quarter, no matter what the odds stacked against me are suggesting, no matter what the doubts I’ve created or limitations I’ve placed on my own life state.

The Christ in me is LIMITLESS and has paid a immense, inexhaustible price to ensure that I too could live under the same precedent.

“So those who have chosen to believe in the power of resurgence and their ability to rise above please keep in mind that our lives are a never-ending story of victory, grace and mercy. So the next time you’re looking at mountain remember, WE RESURRECT DAILY.”

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