BTS: “Mothers and Fathers.”

Can you recall the first time you truly realized that you were different from another in terms of ethnicity and pigment of skin?” With the racial, social and overall political climate of this country the sense of blatant racism is STEEP AND TOUGH! Police Brutality is a REAL issue (and one that is tiring might I add).

I wrote this piece shortly after seeing a clip of Richard Spencer speaking with Richard Spencer on ‘American Race’… now in the following months  as Charlottesville, it’s  clear that such ideologies will only ascend  to further heights.

I do not believe for one moment, Racism is innate and although signs of such can appear in younger children, it’s a matter of one’s heart. So what are we choosing to allow space within our spirits? Are we choosing to place a passion and love for humanity (the only race that truly matters) as a primary focus or the minor detailing of such. For example: race and ethnicity?

What are we teaching our children, what are carrying down to the next generation?


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