BTS: “A note to this Month”.

“I no longer want to continue on feeling jaded but rather rejuvenated.” One thing about life is that it goes on and it doesn’t stop for anyone.

Although written and addressed to the month of March, the heart of this piece lives on and finds its relevance to each day spent working hard  and well… wishing that you were hardly working. “A note…” is just that,  a note to remind you of how important it is to honor yourself while doing the immense work to become someone worth honoring.

A take-away quote from this piece is brought to you by my lovely editor of TGM (The GirlMob) in which she said the following.

“ baby steps, baby steps, being busy is a blessing.”- Yari Blanco

Such a warm, sweet, reminder right? Because indeed being busy is truly a blessing because it speaks of a life that’s THRIVING… so please give yourself permission to thrive on!

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