BTS: “Chasing Rabbits”.

“Chasing Rabbits” is one that I remember vividly! I remember how I felt creating this piece and even days leading up to it. I remember how it felt to be working SO hard towards graduation and just thinking “God, when is commencement coming?. I remember feeling like the weight of my decision to push myself towards my goal and having to constantly remind myself that my decision was not in vain.  I remember the tale of the tortoise and hare coming to mind, and me having to decide which I wanted to be.

This piece is one that I remember vividly, perhaps because I’m often finding myself returning to that same old crossroad, and deciding again who I want to be… it’s a constant decision. With each new opportunity and each level of success I’m forced to ask myself once again, who is it that I will fight to be? What will my character say, when asked to speak for me?

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