BTS: “New year, New…”

“Same me, different stride (resolutions worth working to keep)”. -B.W.

Approaching 2017 I had three goals set in my heart to accomplish. Now writing this BTS at the end of 2017, I will be approaching 2018 with the same three and few more additions.

The goals were and still are

  1. Allowing people to be who they are.

An addition to this for 2018, would be to allow myself to be who I am in the moment as well. Dealing with both myself and others in complete honesty.

2. Learn how to keep the not-so important things just as they are… “not so important”.

Addition would be to keep everything in its proper place, not letting anything consume me!

3. Live fearlessly.

And lastly for 2018, rooting my life in love is the addition. Acknowledging that the only way to be free of fear is to be rooted in love. That’s the goal ultimately to live a life of love and allow what once seemed impossible, such as being fearless as a result!

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