BTS: “Pay Attention Volume 2.”

“Your voice is like your fingerprint, no one else has it but you.” -Dr. Cornel West.

I can’t describe how I felt hugging him or even sitting in the crowd and hearing him boldly proclaim these words possibly because they’re true.

PV2 is a spin-off from “Pay Attention” which was written with the inspiration to seek out the glory that is around us.  There’s  a lot of pain that is publicized, a lot of death, disasters, crime, and so much more.

YET, there’s also a lot of unity and life being lived! There’s a lot of faith being built and dreams being built and achieved… please treat yourself to the finer just as you stomach the horror.

Pay attention to the glorious stories of achievement and “come ups” that are being told around you and proceed to share the wealth. Our dying generation needs it!

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