BTS: “Baggage Claim”

Approaching the 1 year mark since I wrote this, I’m learning that this concept is one that I’m still working on implementing. That seems to be the case with many, because as I continue to write all of these ideas and revelations that I have, I’m learning that the “doing” portion is always significantly more difficult than the “sharing”.

However, one of my goals is to be authentic, so as I struggle at the baggage claim of my life I encourage you that WE WILL GET BY!

Now what exactly is “Baggage claim” about? Well, to answer your question this piece was inspired by my day dream of my life at that particular moment (or perhaps even now…tbh). It was inspired by a vision of myself standing at a baggage claim of a airport and having to decide which bags (which were really emotions, memories and dreams) I wanted to take as I journeyed to the next destination or season of my life.

TOUGH right? RIGHT! Because I, Bri’on Whiteside am a hoarder. I literally try to keep everything under the sun and I’ll have a justification for its value.

Welp, since  December 2016 the hoarder in me has been dying “slowly” but surely because I’m learning that as you’re journeying it is best to travel light.

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