BTS: “We know what we know.”

We know what we know” was inspired by a very difficult time frame in which my symptoms of depression was at an all-time high.

My emotions were deceiving to say the least and being such an emotionally driven woman I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to function yet alone thrive.

“ The art of walking by faith and not sight” was something I had to learn the hard way and still am… it’s a lesson that is never complete as life has its ways of creating new classrooms and test labs.

However, 1 thing is certain and 2 is for sure : YOU KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW and what I know is that I am whole and will thrive in any environment. I’m limitless meaning, I know no limits, so what more are odds than an opportunity to test my faith? No matter the restraint, I’m destined to succeed.

Think of these thoughts as being similar to a lotus flower. A beauty that grows in the murk and mire, one that can sustain in environments that suggest filth rather than beauty.
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