BTS: “What’s Really Good?”

“When you feel that ish’ say that ish””- Kaylin Mathis

A term birthed from a friend of mine. We often quote the phrase “honesty is the best policy” yet our level of honesty is declining and as a result our relationships are suffering. To lack honesty is to be fearful of a response, plain and simple! Now, in reality we all struggle with being our most true selves 100% of the time, all the time.

It’s innate to desire complete freedom yet many times we suffer from being far too concerned of what others will think and while you can thank society for this mentality, I’d rather encourage you to rebel against it.

Truth is people respect authenticity far more than their ‘expectations’ of what someone should be. People enjoy knowing the location of someone’s heart rather than spending time attempting to settle within their assumptions and people will always love the idea of a guarantee; for trust is still alive and well as a founding factor of all  relationships.

Consider such when withholding truths and more importantly think of the disservice you’re doing those closest to you when you withhold your truth.

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