BTS: “Why Self-Care Matter.”

“Always mindful that you are spirit first, so all that is established within life can be mastered.”  

“Why Self-Care Matters” was written during the time that Kid Cudi released his open-letter stating that he was checking into rehab. This was a time where I too was questioning my own health and more so taking a deeper look into what I was doing to sustain. Although I believe that Cudi’s courage cracked the door for open discussions a little wider,  approaching a year from publishing the piece I believe that it’s time that we kick the door down! Loose it off the hinges and allow people to walk freely into their truths, fears and pain while exploring their spiritual and mental health.

Too many of us are living in torment due to the pain that will allow to reside in the dark. Cut on the lights and reveal what’s being parasitic to your internal prosperity.

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Link to Cudi’s letter (may it encourage you to vocalize your own occurrences).

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