BTS: Landing On Your Feet:

I’d like to submit to you that when you fall off the saddle when you make simple mistakes, when you find yourself circling the same mulberry bush for who know which time. Remember that just as easy as it is to get off the ground and return to the chair, you can return to your position in life.

MOMENT OF HONESTY: I write for myself first and foremost! I’m sure you all have discovered that already but if you haven’t, well there it is!

I typically write for two reasons:

  1. To make sense of what I do not understand (internally speaking, that is).
  2. To further delve into a truth that I’ve discovered elsewhere (I live to put my own twist onto something).

Well, Ladies and Gents “Landing On Your Feet….” was created from the latter reason and as my favorite article to date I must admit that in my MOST humble opinion this article “feels good” (if I must say so myself).

I like to think that this piece is as a warm as nice, lush, throw blanket being wrapped around a chilling body.  Now, I know that this may seem far fetch for some, perhaps even a tad bit dramatic. But for those who are suffering in this chilling weather… well you know exactly what I’m referring to with this analogy.

And for those who don’t, I’m talking about comfort! This article brings a sense of comfort to my spirit because it reminds me that no matter the temperature of my current situation, whether I find myself in hot or cold climates (you can decide which is worse), whether I’m at my peak or in my lowest valley… ALL THINGS ARE WORKING FOR ME!

And we know that ALL things work together for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. -Romans 8:28


If this isn’t a source of comfort, I’m not sure what is! What a blessing to know that life works for us and never against it. That we are never counted out… even in moments that we may be out of bounds because our purpose is ALWAYS unraveling behind the scenes.

I can’t speak for you but for me this truth has made rejection and disappointment an easier pill to swallow, and self loathing a much harder task to complete!

And although not every “NO” or hiccup in life is easy to bounce back from, it’s certaintly full of purpose as it is only realigning me to my proper path!


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