BTS: 3 Gems To Jump Start The Self-Starter In You

For those who believe in building their own legacy.”

ROLL CALL: Where all my hustlers at, where all my hustlers at? To all my Ohioans I definitely was writing this in the voice that says “where all my line dancers at, where all my line dancers at” for the Cleveland shuffle. Now, while I wasn’t figuratively racing to the dance floor of my mind, (as I often do when ready to cut a rug) I must say that I still rose my hand to answer my initial question because baby, I. FOR. ONE. AM. A. HUSTLA’.


Although I’m not counting GWAP like my homegirl Saweetie in this gif, I must say that I didn’t know that I had the necessary drive in me until I dropped this platform of mine.

(Which I graciously thank each and every one of you who read, respond to my rants on Instagram and Snap chat and ultimately hold down the set with ya girl.)

Another reality that I didn’t quite know was how hard it was to work a day job (because yes, Instagram isn’t my job, in fact I’m a news reporter by day) and manifest your dreams all hours in between. WHEW, I’m tired just thinking about it.

Yet, somehow I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and please allow me to gladly explain why. It’s simply because I’ve discovered that by creating my own content and using my own platform to get my point across I’m working in my purpose. Yes, it’s difficult and uncomfortable because it’s new but it’s growing and brewing opportunity. Most importantly it’s giving me a whole new sense of perspective and drive which ranks this decision as being among the most rewarding thing I’ve possibly ever done in life, because for a first it’s my own lane and passion.

It’s me, investing in myself and taking a chance on these many ideas that Father God has given to me.

Now, I’ll say it again… this MESS IS HARD! Which is why I try to keep to inspiration around me at all times. Starting with my social media timelines (because I still scroll more than I feel comfortable admitting). So whether it’s through all of my “big league” celebs or Instagram favorites, I like to see what gems the movers and shakers will freely share via a post.

Secondly, I like to spark inspiration through creating playlists. (Now, if I find some time, I’ll sit and update my “old faithfuls” and create some new fire to share via a follow-up post). But anyways and any who,  listening to music is definitely a number one “ignition starter” for myself. Shoot, anything that feeds my drive and waters my soul, is fair game and will be added into the rotation when I’m trying to lock in my focus.

So speaking of inspiration, for this week’s fix I gleaned from a Instagram caption dropped by the sweet Gia Peppers, which I’ve copied below:

Shout out to every entrepreneur, mogul, personality, actress, creative, student, and every other type of person that works for themselves. Whether you are a freelancer, in between jobs, working one job to pay the bills and another to fulfill your true calling… you are doing great work. And you are on the right path. Pleaseeee don’t give up.But also, know that this grind is not always glamorous. The journey is even harder when you don’t have someone else to work for. You have to decide every single day that what you need to do is more important than what you want to do. Every single thing is up to you.There is freedom in working for no one, but there is also a new standard you have to hold yourself to that can be overwhelming at times. Hang in there. Create environments that cultivate your creativity. Drink really good coffee. Keep people around you who believe in you, And most importantly, when all is said and done, believe in yourself enough to make everyone you meet with believe in you, too.” – Gia Peppers.

After feeding off this for a week, I decided to break down 3 truths that I found laced in this gem of a quote and chef it up for the Odyssey (which y’all already know is linked at the very bottom).

I hope that this article inspires all my fellow entrepreneurs, marketers, and moguls in the making to keep that head up while you’re trying to stack ya bread up! Most importantly I hope that this reminds you that in due time you’ll see the fruits of your labor.

Till then, stay diligent gang!


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