Salute To The Ovaries & Uteri Only!

SAY LADIES, I heard it was March already?

So to the ladies in the place with style & grace:



Honestly though, for starters:I can’t believe it’s already March and well secondly:I can’t believe that this little baby of mine (my website.. don’t get beside ya self now! ) is approaching 2 months old! WHOA! Talk about time flies… well I’ve been maximizing every second the best that I could to whip up some content.

Which leads me to my second “talk about” because mmm… talk about EXHAUSTION. Considering the amount of spreadsheets and google docs forms that I’ve created, hated, erased, tried again and failed some more, I am officially up to my neck with ideas!  I’ve spent SO much time planning and prepping for what I wanted this month to look like (content wise ) and I must admit I’M TIED! But I’m grateful because as I’ve struggled to muster up the strength to write this little note I’ve realized that the content that I’ve been running ragged to discover has been brewing within all along.


Let me further explain, that the idea behind this month’s content is to explore the many experiences within womanhood and why they matter!! Now, whether it’s your present experience, past… whatever! A long drawn out saga or a fly by the seats of your pants moment … it matters because it’s grooming you

THIS IS A TRUTH TO PLACE YOUR STOCK IN! Because honestly speaking, I think that it’s rare that we see the beauty in our messes as the funk is still piling on. I mean think about it, how often do we identify situations and interactions as being “life changing” while they’re occurring. Often times we feel caught up in the details of the scenarios at hand and it isn’t until the smoke clears that we can say with clarity “wow, that changed me!”

Perhaps these “aha moments” occur regularly for you and if so than great, but perception is definitely a struggle of mine. Which is why I intentionally dig deep into my inner wells to discover the truth about my current experiences and well let me tell you, the truth that about what I have going on right now is that it’s ALL GOOD!

Now, I’m shaking my head as I’m writing this because when I write it’s ALL GOOD the reality is that the details of my “ALL” are not clear. In fact, there are days that I think it’s “ALL” a hot mess! My emotions are up and down and more than likely predicated on the amount of sleep I get, my intake of inspiration is sporadic and often hits when “i’m busy”, I’m still struggling with time management and learning to save financially as my amount of bills somehow keep multiplying. YET, I’m the strongest in spirit than I’ve ever been because my “ALL” is predicated on the truth that God holds the universe and somehow, someway the alignment that I need always strikes at the perfect time.

I mean I cannot fabricate the joy that I’ve been feeling as I’m struggling in my daily life because I’m realizing that these experiences that I view as being mundane or absurd are grooming me.

These tears of frustration and lack of sleep are adorning me with gems I need in order to enter the caliber of women that I admire, to have the impact that I aspire to have!

So, yes this month we are celebrating it ALL. The good, bad, confused and shameful… we are airing our truths and collectively shouting to the rooftops that WE MATTER!

If you’re still tuned in then you’ve peeped that I said “we are collectively”…. because chile’ I’m not celebrating by my lonesome! Nope, no way jose, not for the month of March, I won’t! I will not be doing it alone!. Yes,yes you read right I have some help y’all!!! *DOES LAPS AROUND MY CUBICLE*




I mean can we just take a moment to show some excitement here, because I have some beautiful women in line to help celebrate this month by sharing their experiences in womanhood and why such matters. Now, let me tell you, I am ecstatic to read their content because after having personal conversations with each woman featured I know that they will dig deep into their heart space and present truth. GEMS that I pray each of you can connect with.

Most importantly, I am humbled by the solidarity that will be demonstrated because the truth is although our experiences may be an anomaly to some, as women we know what time it is! We know the strength that resides within us and we know our place and value. So what better way to celebrate than to SPEAK ON IT!!!

So far what it’s worth, I hope that you all have thoroughly checked that eyesight of yours and will cozy up in your  favorite reading space because BIG GEMS will be dropped all month long for you, and you, and yes you too!

High five to the continual journey of infinite slaying (because 31 days could never be enough!)


With the warmest regards,


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