Ovaries Appreciation: The Playlist.

If you know me then you know that I often make playlist and each of those jawns are extensive. I’m talking houuuuuurs of music, too much to get through in one setting.

Why do I do this?

Well I’m a hoarder + music junkie so when you add the two well it just results in obnoxious amounts of music. HOWEVER, I swear it’s lit each and every time because I rarely sit down and plan what I want to include. It’s more so me getting trigger happy with the index finger and selecting every tune that sounds like it suits my mood.

SOOO after receiving a few request, following the preview that was posted on my instagram story I decided to drop the playlist. “Ovaries Appreciation”  is compilation of vibes for and by women.

DISCLAIMER: some songs may be explicit and/or ratchet… play at your own leisure, feel free to skip and nestle into the songs that spark your interest. Sing loudly to the ones you know and celebrate those ovaries as you jam!

It’s 18 hours worth of music, so I’m sure you can find at least a bop or two to enjoy!


Bops are found here!

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