Oh what it is to be a woman

Loving, nurturing, caring, nesting, uplifting , empowering, primping, adapting, comforting, accepting, multiplying…

Great things come from a woman.

The idea of a woman used align with the idea of superwoman…

Cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, and keeping the man happy

Well that idea has sort of changed

We innovate, create, we lead, we are independent

That’s the beauty of the dream.

It’s not like that it seems.

We focus our ideas and goals on the preparation of becoming something like a super woman

Before we can get there we come across what strikes as vital distractions


Important something we can’t live without

It screws us up, infiltrates our minds to build its own version of superwoman which crushes our own idea of woman

It tells us, “you’re cool but if you just change this…” or blatantly makes us feel guilty for being the woman God has called us to be

It says, “I’m only trying to make you superwoman even though you cook clean, ride for me, are god fearing, head on straight, and intelligent”

It makes us feel less than, small

It also makes us believe that we are not everything we know we are

Why do we believe it though?

Maybe it’s because the sweet truths we speak to ourselves are drowned out by loud words of judgement.

Maybe we’re afraid to tell that voice…

No I’m not your superwoman!

I’m my own version of superwoman.

I’m evolving, I’m more than amazing, I’m more than the traditional view of a woman

I’m reinventing what it means to be woman

Not your superwomanmy version of superwoman 

A truth written by Briana Shumake.

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