Call Me WOMAN.

My name is Ronnell La’shay Anderson…married name Ronnell La’shay Robinson. Call me Nelly, Missy, Ronnie, Shay, Nell-Nell, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend. Call me WOMAN.

Being vulnerable is something that is scary, since it has only resulted in hurt. Being a woman is a beautiful, scary, mesmerizing journey that God has designed women to take. It is one with ups, downs, tears, insecurities, limitless limits, and continuous ceilings. It is unique enough to be seen as Part of  Man while maintaining the elegance of something he can never be.

Men will never know the strength of a woman. What it means to walk out into a world where limits are set because of our vagina. Where it is look at as a new canal of life by those being birthed through it while simultaneously being weak when viewed as “p*ssy”.

Men will never understand the strength of a woman. When she walks out the door and face a life of being called a B*tch by the man who vowed to crown her. The same man who has a strong woman as a mother, but beats the face of the woman he calls “his”.

Men will never fathom the strength of a woman. Where limits are sets by the limitless. Where no matter how many Oprah’s, Michelle Obama’s, and Beyonce’s wrote their names in history; they are forever criticized, held up, and pay for the mistakes of  the Barack’s, Stedman’s and Jay-Z’s that stood by their sides.

Girls have to understand the beauty of being woman. How when she grows the room will change base on the aroma she leaves behind. That her beauty is in the eyes of God and He understood that an Adam could not survive without an Eve.

As women we must not promote the downfall of others due to our ignorance of each other’s strength… the strength of every woman around us. We must empower each other enough so there is not more #MeTOO’s outside of #MeTOO and instead more of #SheEO.

Womanhood is the most unique, beautiful, vulnerable ever evolving and maturing cycle. It allows a woman to grow and glow in her own greatness while generating an energy that many wish to mimic.


. . .Proudly call me WOMAN.


A truth written by Ronnell  Robinson.

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