The Black Reign.

The Black Reign.
Kayleen Powell.

Mentality. Not sexuality. Grab someone with just your personality.
Don’t let your morals jump ship
Offer friendship, even queenship.

Walking around all high and mighty

Because we seem to have it all wrong in today’s society

Someone told you the power was between your thighs

But what about the power sitting in your head between your eyes

It’s a new world the power isn’t only sexualized.

A queen, black queen.
I am a queen, black nevertheless
A queen, black queen
Royalty, she flows from me
And My brown, only helps uplift my crown

Intellect determined by dialect
Your vernacular is spectacular instead

She likes to twerk it, pop it, lock it, careful girl, your crown is slipping please don’t drop it!

Learn to read it, write it, speak it, and stop it!

If 100 likes is your only claim to fame
Your crown is long gone for the fans and the one you’ll do anything for that’s not your man

Now your manifest is crushed Monday

And we won’t see your “crown” again until Sunday.

Mya said ” I walk into a room, just as cool as you please and to a man, the fellows stand or fall down on their knees then they swarm around me, a hive of honeybees”

To you girls it means let my “b’s” bring them to their knees but why not your words bringing them to their feet!
She says ” men themselves wonder what they see in me?”

A queen, black queen.
Her royalty flows through me

A queen, black queen
The black reign is me.


A truth written by Kayleen Powell.

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