The Humanization Of The Human Experience — Or the recent lack thereof.

A brief PSA: For the sake of this article, I’d like to first and foremost say that respectfully I do not consider myself a  “fan” of Meek Mills music. Without ever priding myself on closely following his music career, the views expressed in this post are genuinely rooted in my disappointment regarding the backlash that his case and outcries for justice on his behalf has received.

That is all, please continue!


Today’s article is brought to you by my frustration towards the HORRID comments I viewed after reading what I believe to be a beautiful transferal of truth by Rapper Meek Mills. (Of course, I have linked the article published by “The Grio” within this sentence… so please to preface my rant feel free to click this link and become acquainted with the subject matter at hand)

For those who may not read!!! The Grio (one of the largest and consistently sound platforms with content targeted to Black Americans) ran a article on their platform ( regarding Meek Mills recent call made to “CNN’s Tonight” with anchor Don Lemon. In the interview Meek Mills cautioned young minorities to take accountability for their lifestyle and be aware of the judicial hands that can easily be dealt to them, should they ever find themselves in trouble with the law.

All in which I believe is admirable for the rapper to do. I believe that this decision down to the platform that he selected to use was all strategic and GENIUS! However, many disagreed with my humble opinion, as shown on the comment section of the article (which again I encourage each of you to read for yourself).

Comments such as those featured below caused me to think about the human experience and how “we” as humans often rob one another of the opportunity to do the following at our own pace:

1.Evolve through pain,

2.Make a conscious decision elevate higher

3.In return share our journey and harsh truths that we’ve discovered along the way.

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Photos can be found in the article discussed which is again, previously linked above.

Honestly, I was emotionally disturbed as I found myself becoming more and more disappointed in the response that I read. As a result three questions popped into my mind, which I believe was my spirit appropriately realigning my thoughts and emotions. If I’ve recently learned one tough lesson, it has been that anger that isn’t appropriately assessed will only result in further destruction. So, the three questions I asked myself were “where is the following?

1. Empathy

2. Grace

3. Love

Where is the public demonstration of these three and why aren’t they prioritized as an requirement to evolution?

In meek’s situation I must admit that I’m not sure where all the hate is generated from… I do understand what has been presented in many of his lyrics, I also understand that he may or may not have violated his probation throughout the dog-on 11 years that he has been on it. HOWEVER, what I cannot understand is why “we” as humans find it appropriate to DRAG someone for cautioning younger minorities to not follow in their footsteps?

In my eyes, this course of action (because yes, even our comments on social media and platforms can/should and often times are viewed as courses of actions) is very contradictory. As a community of minorities  we often complain that there isn’t any quality education or information being made accessible to our youth. We often demise the “role models” that our youth has selected for themselves. However, in a culture that is heavily inundated with destructive influences, how is it that we decide to bash someone for trying to give a fore-warning to what can happen when you when you gamble your freedom with a judicial system that’s known for having a strong hand?

I guess, the question that I’m posing here is how is Meek’s experience different than that of any other human being? Rather you’ve been incarcerated or not we’ve all made some type of non-constructive decision that did not publicly display us in our  finest moment. Yet when has that momentarily absence of glory ever possessed enough strength to rob us of our core brilliance?

Brilliance is innate, it isn’t deserved or learned. As humans we’re born brilliant, glorified and admirable. I believe it’s through circumstances, ignorance and quite frankly lack that individuals find themselves straying from that inner knowledge to portray what is most evident and “ideal”.

And as a community of humans that are both similar and unfamiliar in the ways we experience life, I’ll be honest… we must do better! It’s time out for stopping the progression by shamelessly spewing out disdain. I believe in speaking YOUR truth 100% (even if your truth differs from mine personally). However, I also believe in testing your truth by holding such to the fire, meaning mentally placing yourself in shoes and predicaments that may or may not render a different interpretation.

I’ve never had any issues with law enforcement beyond a typical traffic stop, yet I cannot write that I believe that someone’s lack of judgement 11 plus years ago should silence them from speaking truth into our youth and saying “ HEY… YOU WANT A EXAMPLE… LOOK AT WHAT I’VE DONE AND LOOK AT THE PRICE I’VE PAID, YEAH NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! Instead consider what really matters such as your future and your freedom, “stay out of the way” and another thing VOTE!”

I don’t see why  someone who already has the masses’s eyes and ears should be restricted to solely one narrative– one that is isn’t progressive for black and brown communities as a whole. I do not understand how in 2018 we’re still throwing stones without tallying  up our own misjudgments and times in which we desperately desired empathy, grace and love.

It’s as if we as humans believe that only those who are “righteous” deserve redemption not knowing that without a lack of righteousness there would be no need for redemption, evolution and all that pertains to the human experience. As I’m concluding this, I’m challenging myself to sit and think about the content that I’m consuming (especially from media outlets and NEWS FLASH: I’m a news writer!!!!).

I’m challenging myself to remember first and foremost that any content published pertaining to a human being is just that — no matter the subject matter, heinous crime or just down right lack of morality that is involved. Still in every interview, article and any other medium there  is a human being involved. There’s an individual that deserves their claim to the human experience which in its core essence is simply the many rises and falls that will occur in one’s lifetime.

I’m challenged to approach all things as I, a flawed human who only wishes and works to elevate higher would want to be approached . I’m challenged to activate the BIG three: empathy, grace and love as I  lay my camera to rest and I discontinue my own habits of taking mental snap shots of people at their worst.


Whether it be through private or public conversations, I encourage each of you to reconsider how we “judge” one another.




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