When It Rains: Trouble ain’t gon’ last always.

Still inspired by my last post “Pushing Through April” I decided to keep the same energy of perseverance for my Odyssey piece which was recently published Wednesday.

The piece was titled “Ice Melts, Problems Fade, Nothing Last Forever But Change” catchy right? As I mention in the article (which I’ve linked here) I had a revelation as I was pulling into the parking structure of my job. While preparing to pull my keys out of the ignition, I briefly glanced at my windshield that was dripping of water and my spirit practically yelled within me “Ice Melts”….

Let me preface this statement with some background info:


You see, when I walked to my car that morning my windshield was completely covered with ice and as I was annoyed to still have to defrost my car in early April, I knew that I had no other choice but to wait for the ice to melt so that I could clearly see my way  and carry on about my day.

Are the lines connecting here?

What was once rock solid and a blockade to my vision eventually began to defrost to what was manageable (hence the moment that I could then cue my windshield wipers to begin removing the slush of what was once frozen) and by the time I pulled into the parking structure, even the “slush” had regressed to water… something I could visibly see through.

So, again I now yell to you just as my spirit abruptly caught my attention: ICE MELTS…..

“ICE MELTS — meaning the hardships of your life will settle to what is manageable. What comes up most definitely comes down, the balance will happen and the ebbs will flow out once again.”

Ice melts and problems work their way to becoming solutions… nothing is permanent, “where there’s a will there’s way” WHATEVER YOU MUST USE TO LET THIS TRUTH SINK INTO YOUR SPIRIT… DO SO!

“Ice melts”

I was so encouraged by this unexpected “aha” moment that I had to pen this truth down and as I completed my journal entry I decided to gather up some songs, quotes and scriptures that I often use when I find myself barricaded by ice that is still too solid to melt.

I gathered a few songs that I use to release my frustrations (venting is key– even if it’s through an art form), refocus my mind and celebrate higher vibrations and positivity. I jotted down some scriptures that I recite as my affirmations to keep my mind and spirit in-sync, (because as you’re waiting for resolutions you can easily become embittered). Lastly, I wrote out some quotes from others that struggled just as I have. I firmly believe that through human connection we survive(it’s being able to connect with another through empathy that keeps our humanity alive).

Now, it isn’t much but just as it has helped me I pray that these resources find you well.

ALSO, all sources can be found in my full article “Ice Melts, Problems Fade, Nothing Last Forever But Change.” As for the playlist I have since made some revisions and have linked the most current version below.

PS: you’ll find that a few songs aren’t added due to them not being on all platforms. However, for all songs listed you can find them on either Soundcloud or YouTube (ie: “Rise Above”- J.Cole can be found on both of the platforms that were mentioned).

I hope that this helps as a reminder that again, the ice in your life will melt and when the time comes that your feet are surrounded by the puddles that were once frozen solid as a blockade staring you in your face… you’ll know once again that nothing is forever, nothing is impossible and “it’s truly just a matter of time”. In all scenarios—in all circumstances


May we continue to grow through the pain,


Sounds: “Ice Melts”- apple music playlist curated by me–myself!


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