It’s the first of May and I’m Thinking…

Photography by: Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

It’s the first of May and I’m at my desk laughing because as I’m filling out my planner for the month I’m reminded that back in January when I first purchased this life-saver I failed to place anything in May’s corner because….well… I didn’t think I’d be at my current job this long…

Which would typically cue my anxious thoughts because the truth is that I had different and (what I believed were ) better plans. . However, this morning I felt gratitude well up in my spirit because just this time last year I didn’t think I’d even have a job.

In fact, I was happy to just have passed linguistics and be able to walk across the stage, I had no idea what would follow.

Now, that I know that portion of the story (which in brief is that I’d have a job one month later and relocate back to my college-town… I’ll probably write a FULL blown “post-undergraduate editorial” soon) I must say, it’s funny how the universe works.

“God’s Plan” is far more than just a song from Drizzy and although I’ve been believing that my steps are ordered my ENTIRE life… I must say it took a nice needed brief Vacay in D.C. to bring it all home for me.

And by home, I mean the realization that we don’t know what’s ahead, and we surely don’t know what we need and when we need it. I mean if we did, we’d have it all down and wouldn’t need life’s journey… we’d already be at the finish line with a sense of character that’s immaculately polished…

That’s just not the case and for good reason.

It’s the first of May and I’m reminded that last year, I had no idea that I’d be sitting at a desk working my first “big girl” job (in fact prepping to report on one of the many candidates for this upcoming Ohio senate race), I didn’t know I’d have the means to pay ALL of my bills on my own, and I didn’t know that I’d be writing journals on my own online platform.

It’s the first of May and while I’m reminded that although I’m not physically where I envisioned I’d be, I’m in a space that I could never imagine. I’m in womanhood… sooner than I planned and to be honest, I’ve been growing through it better than I knew I could.

So, in hopes that you too can receive a dose of this gratitude… I encourage you to spend this first of the month, reflecting on where you were last year and where you are currently. Compare the two and keep your mind open to realize some of the microscopic details of your journey. I’m talking about even the tiniest of details that would often flee your mind, the ones that you didn’t think you’d overcome, didn’t know were possible or just didn’t know you needed.


Count up your blessings and engage in your present… making the best of what is working right now!
With Love,


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News Reporter, Culture Writer, Content Creator, Radio Personality. That’s all on paper, but in and on the real I’m: a daughter: of two fathers, (one heavenly and the other Everett W) as well as a precious gem of a mother Cass W. A sister to many siblings and a Lover of humanity. Communication is my love language… I LOVE talking, connecting, and unifying it’s what makes this world work (in my opinion). I’m a feeler for sure… an empath as you fellow millennials like to say. “I see things and I understand”…. not everything but enough to wish to come closer in knowledge; perks of being empathetic. I am also a companion of Jesus which I save for last because it’s the greatest part of me… it’s through this relationship that I’ve been afforded my on-paper stellar self and am able to balance the in and on real version of myself. It’s the reason that I’m able to not only function in my complexities and dualities but T H R I V E… and although this aspect doesn’t make anything 1 bit easier, it makes it all worth it!! So, welcome. I hope you find what you need here as I’m journeying and documenting such in love and through love! I hope that if anything , you find a desire to discover your identity and purpose and that you’ll protect that WITH YOUR LIFE! Oh yes, if you happen to follow me on ANY of my social media but especially Instagram then you know that my account was getting cluttered by my various articles, so I also created this site to be a home for my work. WELCOME HOME GANG! -BW.

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