Alexa Play Tuesday: What’s in your AirPods.

I know it’s been a while since an Alexa Play Tuesday has graced the site, so I figured It was only right that I list out some recent jams that have been feeding me lately.

(Yes, you read that f-word correctly, feeding me mentally as I’m trying to keep myself stimulated and full of knowledge.)

As we know in this buzzing world of becoming self-made moguls, mentorship isn’t always easy to find. While many are protecting their journeys and knowledge for self-preservation, it’s easy to feel lost and frustrated by looming questions. However, know that first and foremost GOD’s GOT YOU! If he’s placed a vision in your life he will surely provide whatever it is that you need, whether that be insight or companionship or a distant reminder that you aren’t alone in well-doing. And in a world of digital access none of these needs are without resolution, if you know what you’re looking for.

Back in 2017, when I first developed my affinity for podcasts, I was looking for some relief through quality entertainment. But more than just kick and giggles I was looking for something that would essentially give me the reboot that I desperately needed. I wanted to uncover the same sense of solace that I’d find in a friend without having to actually speak (because let’s be honest, sometimes exchanging energy can be draining).

Companionship is key when listening to podcasts. Likewise when ingesting any form of content and specifically art, as a consumers we want to feel like an active participant. We want to connect and experience rather than simply observe. And not to make this super deep but for me, when listening to a podcast I want to converse with the content and it’s presenters. I personally HAVE to feel like i’m included in a dialogue or invited to join in on a stream of consciousness.

Companionship is the easiest way to articulate my experience with listening the forthcoming list of shows.Whenever, I decide to press play whether it’s early in the day—after my morning shower, or late as I’m meal-prepping dinner… I’m choosing to spend my time with these specific creators because I know that they’re :

A. Trust-worthy with their platform
B. SURE to make me feel like a participant.

As of lately I’ve been reverting back to my routine of tuning in daily and WOW has it made a world of difference in regards to my productivity. So, in hopes to show my gratitude to the creators of these uniquely crafted shows, I want to share my fave with you!

Shall we finally dive in!

Hey Girl By Alex Elle


Kicking it off with my Queen of self-care, love and acceptance may I first just say that this show is a staple gem for me —as I discovered it while undergoing a really rough time both mentally and creatively. I first tuned in 2017 during my last year of undergraduate and whew…while running on fumes this show helped me process and root myself in the two sustaining truths: my experiences aren’t uncommon and in the end all will be ok!

Secondly the podcast that has revolutionized the way I perceive both men and culture…

The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory and Mall By Joe Budden BUDDEN

Should I ever meet Joe Budden during a meet and greet on the podcast’s tour (which is what I’m actively manifesting right now as we speak) just know I might slip up and call him “Joey” because that’s how close I think I am to him (mind you, we’re still complete strangers). By far one of my favorites podcasts in life, I can’t really say much without beginning to ramble, except if you’re looking for authentic opinions (right or wrong) and if you’re a Hip-Hop Head and avid supporter of Black Excellence and Culture THIS RIGHT HERE IS YOUR STOP!

Joe, Mall, Rory and Parks are the perfect blend of many flavors… perhaps a soulful twist on Yin and Yang —as they’re rarely all agreeing— you’re certain to find yourself aligning with someone’s opinion. ALSO as a longtime supporter watching the podcast transition  from Soundcloud to Spotify as a result of spiking an exclusive, FYE, streaming deal is inspiring for any creator to witness.

Moving on to another show that I can’t speak highly enough about….

Small Doses with Amanda Seales  By Amanda Seales

FUN FACT: I ADMIRE ME SOME AMANDA SEALES!!!!!! Like y’all really have no idea how much I enamor her brilliance. She has a fine way of balancing her many facets as a truth-bearer and what I mean by this is that she doesn’t shy from who she is. She shows up with all her many attributes and works in spaces that firstly respects who she is a black woman and secondly honors what she brings to the table…. in all of her glory.

Now, that I’ve finished fanning… Small Doses is a good addition because it’s HIGH-QUALITY conversation. As I mentioned Seales doesn’t hold back… so when tuning in you can trust that she’s going to give you her uncut truth which is an attribute that any authentic person would admire and expect.

Similar, to my review for the The Joe Budden Podcast… Seales doesn’t play about her obligation as creator… so what you’ll find is an approach that honors those who support. This is honestly another show that allows me to feel connected to Seales and her experiences as a woman, her guests ( who are always super BOMB might I add) and lastly the content. I’m telling you after fine-tuning to one episode you’re going to feel as though Seales is one of your good friends…and again, companionship is whaaaaa….. Key.

Lastly the newbie but goodie out of the bunch…

The Goal digger Podcast By Jenna Kutcher


So while I may not have the same long-standing history with this show, I still felt compelled to highlight it due to its lasting first impression. In fact, this podcast is what led me to typing right now! While driving in my car Monday, I decided to give this show a listen after stumbling upon its alluring title earlier at my cubicle and …


Boy, did it live up to its hype as the bright light of ideation for this blog clapped on. Episode 228 “Become an Instagram Influencer with These Tips (Puno)” really spoke to my quest for knowledge on how to build a better brand. Now, while you all may or not be questing for this specific niche, I am so elated by my experience with the Goal digger that I just had to speak up!

Jenna Kutcher’s approach to candidly sharing knowledge is definitely something to appreciate. As I previously mentioned it’s hard sometimes to find the right resources to connect to… but servants such as Mrs. Kutcher are kind reminders that there are people dedicating their time to pay homage to their successes by enlightening others traveling the same beaten path!

So if anything I hope that my brief list of faves ( old and new) encourages you to dial back and get lost in the companionship that is often freely offered to you through the comfort of your AirPods.

With love,


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