From Beginning to End— Without Vision there’s no Manifestation.


Whew, now that I’m done belting that out to you through the screens of your digital device, let me take a swig of water, recollect, and let you in on where all of this aggression stems from.


And now, that I’m back, my head’s still spinning in wonder from GQ’s “ California Love With Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London”.


If I was wearing my lace front today, I’d tell you that my wig is in China but considering that I’m all natural in my loosely formed pineapple-style top pony-tail. I’ll keep it honest and just say I’M SHOOK! Not just because I literally love Lauren London (always have enamored her, as ATL is an esteemed classic) and admire Nipsey Hussle (as he’s on each of my morning motivation playlists and is listed as 1 of my favorite rappers of all time— ps there’s only three, so that’s pretty telling) BUT most importantly because of the EXQUISITE article written by GQ author, columnist and much more Mark Anthony Green.



(I’d just like make mention that the IG caption read “California Love: @NipseyHussle & @LaurenLonson are redefining what a storybook romance looks like in 2019” I MEAN COME ON NOW! WHAT A CAPTION).

I could really start fanning out and go into a detailed review but to keep it cute and brief, I saw my trajectory in Green’s work and my spirit connected. There were several lines that served as a mirror for me. I literally saw myself in his diction and sentence structure, I saw my passion for writing and culture in the little details he included that brought the colour of article to life and most importantly I saw who  I wanted to be as a young professional and where I wanted to be  a space that PAYS HOMAGE to my people, our culture and that all that is glorious about us.

This chilling sensation of “ah, this is why I do what I do…so I can one day be on this level with it” isn’t new as I freak out every time Elaine Welteroth and a plethora of others publish, tweet, and post on IG their wins. However, this read was special because it struck me so hard that I wanted to share my excitement with you.

And ladies and gentlemen that is why I’m sitting at my work desk briefly writing to you during my lunch break to remind you that when you stumble across something that makes your head spin in wonder, take a moment to MARVEL! LAVISH YOURSELF IN THAT INSPIRATION AND LET IT OOZE ITS WAY DEEP INTO YOUR PORES. SEAL IT IN WITH A PRAYER AND WATCH IT BLOOM.

My spirit is SO charged up right now… whew! Y’all just don’t know, and I pray you can feel my heart when reading this, because it’s so crucial that we know how to manifest. Inspiration can maturate into hope and hope is what makes this earth shake…it’s what moves mountains and creates space and opportunity for destiny and time to align.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life,” Proverbs 12:12

Planting a tree takes time, and the process ideally starts in the dormant season — meaning where you are is prime time for you to begin digging room in your life to allow that seed of inspiration to be buried to bloom.

When raving to my brother about the GQ spread I told him how badly I want to take my talents and passion to a platform that buzzes about the culture. I told him how often I feel like those dreams are farfetch because although i’m making HUGE strides in my career, sometimes it all doesn’t feel close enough. Trust me I know, as I’m still stuck in Ohio when all I want to do is make it out.

His response: “Where you come from… that’s what makes it special”

Me: Getting hit over the head with truth.


So, as I’m still choking on this truth I just want to re-emphasize that the glimmers of inspiration is literally all we have. We have to foster it, shoot take on Quavo’s mentality and “get the bag, flip it and tumble it”. Believe in yourself, educate yourself on those executing your dreams at high levels, TALK ABOUT YOUR DREAMS, OUT LOUD TO YOURSELF AND GOD —pray on them day and night! Obsess over it and stay diligent with honing in your craft.

Maintenance is key, like I said, you have to take a moment to soak up that initial buzz because the journey to manifestation is not easy but it’s worth it (shoot, at least I’m praying it is because I’m busting my butt everyday and stepping out on faith, believing, that the work I’m doing right now will align with my vision).

So lastly, before I jet on out, PLEASE remind yourself as I did this morning and will continue to: You’re not waiting for your destiny, You are already in your destiny. All that you’ve done leading up to now mattered just as what’re you’re doing now matters and will continue to matter when you arrive in the space that you’ve always dreamed of.



With love,


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News Reporter, Culture Writer, Content Creator, Radio Personality. That’s all on paper, but in and on the real I’m: a daughter: of two fathers, (one heavenly and the other Everett W) as well as a precious gem of a mother Cass W. A sister to many siblings and a Lover of humanity. Communication is my love language… I LOVE talking, connecting, and unifying it’s what makes this world work (in my opinion). I’m a feeler for sure… an empath as you fellow millennials like to say. “I see things and I understand”…. not everything but enough to wish to come closer in knowledge; perks of being empathetic. I am also a companion of Jesus which I save for last because it’s the greatest part of me… it’s through this relationship that I’ve been afforded my on-paper stellar self and am able to balance the in and on real version of myself. It’s the reason that I’m able to not only function in my complexities and dualities but T H R I V E… and although this aspect doesn’t make anything 1 bit easier, it makes it all worth it!! So, welcome. I hope you find what you need here as I’m journeying and documenting such in love and through love! I hope that if anything , you find a desire to discover your identity and purpose and that you’ll protect that WITH YOUR LIFE! Oh yes, if you happen to follow me on ANY of my social media but especially Instagram then you know that my account was getting cluttered by my various articles, so I also created this site to be a home for my work. WELCOME HOME GANG! -BW.

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