No place like here, No time like now

Hey Y’all,

It’s been a little while, well over a year since I’ve created in this space, and while I’d like to say I feel bad for my long absence… I’m not.

I’ve been figuring myself out in my own way and at my own pace. Which I believe has led me back to this here space, to share some of my self-discoveries with you. And while I won’t begin to try to make up for a year’s worth of content in one post, I will start by saying it’s been many ups and downs, shoot a lot of crawling through bull sh** just to rise above, but again, it’s brought me to three essential truths that I’m compelled to share with you.

  • Know who you are:

Sounds basic, but baby, it’s vital! If you don’t know who you are, you’ll believe whatever is told to you and said about you, and that ain’t it chief! Seriously though, I had no idea how much I was feeding off the input of others, literally allowing opinions to fuel my life.

AHT-AHT, no more! 

Wise counsel is always necessary, so you’ll never hear (well, in this case, see) me rebutting that, but there’s something special about trusting your spirit and allowing it to guide you as you navigate through this lifetime. Again, there are many ups and downs in this life, but it’s imperative that you have your filter game on lock — deciphering between what’s genuine and ingenuine. 

  • Stop judging your progress/ honor your process:

In a recent conversation with my father, I told him that I was learning to not judge my progress. The truth just rolled off my tongue effortlessly as I’ve been exercising my throat chakra more and learning to honestly speak my truth. I could hear the pride in his voice as he replied, “Trice, you need to write that in a blog,” and we began to discuss the effects of moving away from self-judgment and walking in honor.  

I’m learning that we have no right to judge ourselves. We only have the right to assess and pivot by responding to our inner convictions calling us to do and be better. Judgment before its time is harmful, yall! In fact, it’s hazardous because with self-judgment comes loathing, which is set to keep us stagnant and stagnation, isn’t it! Shoot, if anything, I’m learning 2020 is the year of resilence. The COVID-19 pandemic alone is teaching us to get in our bags and make it happen, with less.

So please, take on the challenge of stepping away from judgment and walk-in self-love and honor.

  • Only the truth stands the test of time, so learn to stand in yours.

You don’t need me to tell you that there’s been a shift in the atmosphere, that the world and life as we know it, is altering. It’s evident, and if you’re aware, you know, it’s here to stay.  It’s this change in energy that inspired the headline “No place like here, No time like now.” If “now” is all that we have for sure, how’re we spending it? Are we living behind our most faithful convictions, or are we still playing to the beats of others? The more I sit with myself, the more my heart reveals not just who I am, but what it is I desire.

Revisiting the truth, if you don’t know who you are, you won’t survive in this life. It’s our truth that protects us, that keeps our intentions pure. The truth is what balances the scales, because if I can stand unashamed of who I am in this moment — good or bad — I can always evolve to better. So don’t fear your truth, it’s really all you owe, and it’s certainly all you have.

Only the truth stands the test of time, and I hope you choose to stand in yours.

I pray this leaves you well as you continue to journey, and please remember your progress isn’t yours to judge, so be kind to yourself as you continue to bloom.

with all my light and warmth,



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  1. I absolutely enjoyed this!!! I’m so glad you’ve gotten back to writing, because you are damn good at it. I appreciate you sharing!!! Thank you.

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