A simple memo:

It’s been a heavy year for many.

I know, personally speaking, it feels like water is boiling over the pot continuously. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another right, and as you open the lid to simmer down the water in one area of your life another area begins to boil over.

As we’re in a whirlwind of societal chaos: fighting white supremacy and hate, all while withstanding a viral pandemic, I’m still mindful that we’re STILL fighting our own personal battles.

And for those who may feel like those personal and silent wars are going unnoticed or are becoming too much to bear, I woke up with you specifically on my spirit.

This morning my spirit brought this phrase to me:

“The struggles you face today will be the testaments of your growth tomorrow, but you have to be brave enough to take on today.”

Being honest, that’s what I needed to get on out the bed!

So here’s three reminders I want to leave you with on this Good Friday:


“You’re blessed when you get your inside world — your mind and heart — put right. Then you can see God in the outside world.” – Matthew 5:8

I truly believe 2020 is the year of truth. I’ve had this conversation with several loved ones as many spiritual leaders have talked about a shift in energy, and I’ve seen the proof in my own life. Everything that can be tested will be tested! 2020 is a year of unveiling and it’s imperative that we keep our hearts pure and intentions in check.

As struggles arise, I encourage you to go within, to pull from your inner knowing, and to press forward. Now, is not a time of retreating in fear but of emerging in resilience. 

I, personally believe that only the pure in heart manifest God’s purpose for their lives and I’m starting to see it’s because they’re the ones that make it to their victory lap. Everyone can’t go and everyone can’t run alongside you. As you continue to grow and shed off what no longer serves you, keep your heart pure of offense! Heal those wounds, so they don’t eat away at your goodness, your hope, and your vision.

So far, this year has painfully reminded us that hate, greed, and wickedness are all too common in this world. Yet, we have a responsibility to carry out our purpose, to leave our footprint and  but we have to keep trekking. Shoot, the only way out is through. So, check your heart daily before you go out into society and remember to keep your intentions in alignment.


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is the: ‘ Love your neighbor as yourself’ there is no commandment greater than these.” – Mark 12: 30-31

There is no compassion for others without first, compassion for self. I’m reminded daily that self-love is an act of honor. When I can love myself, I can love those I encounter. When I can see myself, I can see those I encounter. When I can hear myself, I can truly listen and comprehend the words that are coming from others. Any honest exchange with another first starts with the authenticity of self. So, when you’re feeling defeated show up for yourself and gift some compassion.

In light of accountability (because grace is not an excuse for poor decisions) extend some grace to yourself as you carry on. Be kind to yourself and watch the overflow of that garden begin to work on behalf of others.


“Never let a hard time humble us.” – Nipsey Hussle.

If it’s truly a marathon, that means this thing called purpose takes time, so pace yourself. Remain consistent and faithful in well-doing, no matter the time it takes. Keep in mind this life and everything in it is temporal —meaning the circumstances and opposition you face does not transcend lifetimes —so keep the vision clear and near. Tuck purpose in your heart and run your race relentlessly. Love on your people, do good on this earth, and SHOW UP! 

Times are calling for the real, and I’m here to encourage my real ones to keep answering the call.

With all my light and warmth,


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