Short & Brief: Nardo Wick emptied the clip with “Who Want Smoke?? (Remix)”.

Originally written Oct. 8, 2021.

Short & Brief: Nardo Wick wreaked havoc with the release of “Who Want Smoke ?” and he spun the block with some friends to do more of the same on Friday.

Now, when I say friends, I’m talking heavy hitters such as Lil Durk, 21 Savage, and G.Herbo.

As a match up, these three are guaranteed to turn heads, but this here remix — titled “Who Want Smoke?? (Remix)” — was the smoke we all needed!

Now that my concise thoughts are out of the way, let’s dive into the real spill:

“You can send yo best man, you gon’ lose yo best hitta'” has looped in my brain for months.

The original song “Who Want Smoke?” garnered more than 60 million streams since its release in January. So, I can only imagine how this remix will close out what’s already been a momentous year for the 19-year-old MC hailing from Jacksonville.

As soon as I heard the song on Friday, I B-lined my way to Genius, to one do a deep dive on Durk’s verse (which we’ll get to shortly) and to read the comments.

Comments from Genius.

“Street Avengers,” Street Anthem of the Year” I couldn’t agree more! And that was my take after the first listen!

Let me first say, GAHLEEE! There was not a single crumb left. There was not a weak link. Each artist delivered valid to their persona.

The song opens up with Nardo (as I’m sure you would’ve assumed), which leads me to my only protest. With the release of the remix came the same verse from our primary artist.

Considering how massive the hit single was I would’ve loved to hear something fresh as I could imagine Nardo has a lot to say following the success of the initial track.

Let me note that I also expected a new verse because of Nardo’s publicized reservations regarding the release of the original “Who Want Smoke?”.

During an “Off the Porch” interview with Dirty Glove Bastard — which aired five months ago — Nardo said he prides himself on his punchlines and initially viewed the song as lackluster in that department.

Although his audience could ultimately beg to differ (and perhaps rightfully so) I personally, am intrigued by his truth and am curious to see the ways he would’ve challenged himself.

The remix’s allure resides in the collaborative effort of each artist. As stand-alone entities, each featured artist has a reputable career at this point, yet together, their stardom flows cohesively, settling as a top-tier co-sign for Nardo.

Lil Durk’s presence on this track is potent. Lil Durk is easily the pulse of the remix. His verse sets the pace for what’s to come as it is incredibly high energy and, off the cuff, addresses some noise around the death of King Von — murdered in November 2020.

“They be on my page like slide for Von I know they trollin’ me. Outside with your big homie be on, I keep them folks with me (Bop). Got it back in blood, y’all just don’t know, that’s how it ‘posed to be (shh).

– Lil Durk

Durk proceeded to let us know that it’s best to keep those comments on the internet because in-person, he is not to be pressed whatsoever!

In typical Durk fashion, he revealed his sentiments through the music.

This verse alone is so thick with retorts that its bursts at its seams! However, his verse also stands out as it’s the only one to deviate from the refrain “wtf is that?” (One thing is for sure, Durk is always going to carve his own lane, no matter the song or artist).

Social media has already started chatter about this being a contender for verse of the year. While I’m not prepared to take a hard stance on the subject, I am eager to see how it will spar come December.

In typical Durk fashion, he leaves it all in the music. This verse alone is so thick with retorts, its busting at its seams! Social media has already started chatter about this being a contender for verse of the year. While, I’m not prepared to take a hard stance on the subject, I am eager to see how it will land come December.

Savage serves up a spiced plate of ‘walk-down king’ on this track as a strong follow-up.

While his verse isn’t as self-asserting as Durk’s, it certainly is not bombastic either.
In fact, it’s pretty on-brand for 21 as it’s full of clever punchlines. His relaxed nature lets his wit shine through.

Savage is too solid in his authenticity to miss at this point. To know his catalog is to truly love it. And I happen to align with both, so his verse was just what I expected — collected as they come but ready for war at any given time.

“Pest control who called about Rats”

– 21 Savage

The song wraps with G. Herbo — who, in my opinion, is a perfect closer. The bass in Herb’s tone stabilizes the song and brings about a sense of militancy. Like Savage, his verse feels somewhat more relaxed, yet the slight rasp in his voice lends itself to this masterly sense of urgency.

It’s subtle yet enticing, almost like a dangerous secret you weren’t meant to know.

“No Limit, I never cared, spin they block they never there,”

– G. Herbo

Now, I thought I was excited about the remix, but to my pleasant surprise, there was more!

The remix was accompanied by a music video produced by none other than Mr. Cole Bennet himself, the 25-year-old digital GENIUS!!!

Bennett showed up and showed out by giving us yet another fire Lyrical Lemonade Production.
He simply doesn’t miss in my eyes, and this particular video felt top-tier even for his repertoire.

The video is one for the books as it’s exceptionally cinematic. You can hear more of my thoughts below.


Now, Nardo hasn’t released a date for his forthcoming debut project Who Is Nardo Wick? However, this remix alone is certified to rev up some anticipation for what’s to come.

I’ve already added this track to every workout playlist. I’m eager to see how TikTok will market this [ the content creators sure know how to make a song chart].


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