Short & Brief: It’s more than heartbreak with Summer Walker.

Originally written Nov. 5.

Summer Walker

Still Over It (LVRN/Interscope).

Short Brief: If you had any doubts about the potential trajectory of Summer Walker’s career, Still Over It is very telling of what’s to come.

The sophomore album delves deep into storytelling, causing fierce reactions from fans — who took no issues with engaging in cyber confrontation against Walker’s child’s father and muse for the album, London on the track.

The album chronicles like a book, or short film, documenting all the vacillation experienced when love expires badly.

Now for the real spill:

To all my R&B lovers, Queen Summer has returned, and she did not disappoint! Areas where Over it— Ms. Walker’s debut album— danced around the idea of falling-in-love its successor is the ‘chin up, chest out’ moment of realization that you’re possibly playing with your worth. 

It’s the gnawing reminder that if you’re settling, it’s about time you disregard that self-doubt and pack those bags.

I’m beside myself/ to keep playin’ this

Record/ back/ over and over again

Swear that you’ve changed/but I know this the end

– Summer Walker, “Session 33”, Still Over It

Still Over It is a wrecking ball beautifully wrapped to remind you there’s nothing wrong with raising hell to find your light.

The 20 track album —clocked in at an hour — kicks off with “Bitter” (Narration By Cardi B ), foreshadowing what’s to unfold both sonically and lyrically.

The sequencing of the tracklist is top tier, as every single song effortlessly unravels into the next.

Additionally, the unfurling of the tracklist is achievable based on Summer’s storytelling. For instance, where I was not a fan of “Ex For A Reason” as a single, I was happy to hear it as the second song on the album. 

The tracklist flows effortlessly after “Bitter” as each song unveils a new story or experience.

As a result, the album’s aura feels very tangible, almost as if you can visualize the project’s concepts.

Summer’s vocals layered with the production create this wonderland experience that meanders all the emotional experiences of cyclical love.

The instrumentation of the album alone indulges the senses. For instance, take the strings on “Constant B*******,” which beautifully blend with Walker’s vocals, leaving the listener’s imagination to unfold like a cinematic picture.

“Do you/ mean it/ when you say/ my name?

Cause it’s always/ constant/ bull ****/ when you don’t do what you say?

-Summer Walker “Constant B******t,” Still Over It

Ms. Walker pulls no punches with tracks “Bitter” and “4th baby mama” as she relentlessly croons her truths of deep betrayal from the belly.

However, the album is versatile in its content as tracks such as “Reciprocate,” “Closure,” “Constant B******t,” “Broken Promises,” “Switch a n**** out,” and others unveil a softened Summer, who’s rationalizing the dismantling of her relationship.

“All I wanted was for you to stay/ it’s the bare minimum for me.

I don’t wanna throw it all away.

It’s a good thing/it’s a good thing,”

– Summer Walker, “Reciprocate”, Still Over It.

There’s something exceptional about Summer. She has a twilight about her.

Her star power resembles that of Mary J. Blige — our reigning Queen of R&B. One of Mary’s many impacts is her rawness. Album after album, Mary gave us her unrelenting authenticity.

She gave us something to riot and heal to — all wrapped up in one.

Summer is shaping up to offer the same — as she’s genuinely an imprint of all the R&B’s goddesses that have paved the way.

In this album, you find some sprinkled influence from the likes of Erykah Badu with songs “Insane” and “Unloyal” (feat. Ari Lennox). 

You also hear a dose of influence from the ’90s with “Throw It Away” as the guitar riff samples Ginuwine’s “Final Warning” (feat. Aaliyah)

Still Over It is a conglomeration of R&B’s wonders — when the genre’s elements are executed right. This album embodies it all, even down to her featured guests — which is a star-studded list, might I add. 

The presence of artists such as SzaAri Lennox, OmarionLil Durk, and J.T. beats in tandem with the album’s pulse, giving the impression each song was handpicked or written with them in mind. And while they all glow as featured artists, none of them overshadow Summer and her message.

The album is by far a 10, as it offers melodies, lyrics, sensibility, and continuity. I do not doubt that the album will live on like its predecessor Over it has.

There’s something exceptional about Summer. She has a twilight about her.


Overall, whether currently heartbroken or completely healed from the bruteness of romance —or the lack thereof — the album is worth a stream.

It’s the essence of art, transmuting one’s pain into a remedy for the next.


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  1. Dope review I love how you broke everything down and I agree with a lot of your points especially when it comes to Ex For a Reason being better apart of the collective than as a single.

    1. Thank you for the love!! I honestly wasn’t expecting to like “Ex For A Reason” after its release. But I love how it falls on the tracklist! I’m finding new stand-out tracks every time I listen.

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