Short & Brief: The “Big” before Latto stands for something.

Originally written Nov. 8.

Short & Brief: When you hear the tag “Big Latto,” just know the ‘big’ stands for something. Perhaps, it’s a declaration of what’s to come of the rising star. Maybe it’s a flex? But, however, you perceive it, it’s very suiting, as Latto shook the room again with yet another explosive single, “Soufside.”

Now for the real spill:

Whether you’re new to Latto by way of her recent hits — platinum-certified single “B**** From Da Souf” or her current seat on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Big Energy.” Which is sitting pretty as #76.

Or have been following her since her time on Lifetime’s Rap Game, you can’t deny her star-power as an emcee. I mean, check her resume from the past year alone.

Latto has been applying pressure, and “Soufside” is a four-base hit for her beloved city — and staple for Hip Hop — of Atlanta, Ga.

The song is an homage to her Atlanta roots — specifically the southside ‘soufside’ and Clayton County — commonly referred to as ‘Clayco’ by the rapper.

“Hit up Southlake in my Bentley/
From Pointe South/ straight to the millions
Been cuttin’/ check like Johnny
Been poppin’/ been gettin’ money,”

– Latto “Soufside”

The single comes adorned with a top-shelf music video that serves as a day in ‘Clayco’ with Latto showing community staples.

However, with the past decade explicitly having the industry in a chokehold, Latto is adding to the mix, as she proudly praises her southern roots and culture.

The video also has cameos from Georgia Rapper Kali and the A’s finest Monica, herself.

Monica’s cameo is elite, as her face card is certified. Monica’s reverence is the upshot of her authenticity, integrity, and fortitude. In short, her character is honorable.

Monica’s appearance in the video is a major co-sign for Latto. However, she is not the only celebrity to salute Latto, as several other ‘Soufside’ natives paid homage to their roots and praised Latto for her latest release. Among that supreme list were 2 Chainz, Ciara, Waka Flocka, and Gunna.

Latto’s appeal is her versatility as an artist. She can go from sexy with songs like”Big Energy” to gutta with tracks like “B**** From Da Souf” and now “Soufside”. Yet, she never loses her feminity or genuineness.

When it comes time to rap, Latto gets busy allowing her craftsmanship to speak for itself.
If you’re doubtful, just give her recent freestyle with L.A. Leakers a spin.

With Latto, the ‘Big’ means something as it speaks to her fixed sureness. She’s ‘big’ not simply because she says so, but because the aura, bars, and records all align.

Her rise to notoriety isn’t surprising, and by the looks from where she’s standing right now, she could be pushing her moniker as ‘Big’ Latto for a while.


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