Short & Brief: The Last Rose Petal Tour was a sensational farewell.

Originally written Nov. 17

Short & Brief: A rose garden for R&B’s beloved Rose In Harlem was in full effect Tuesday night in The Filmore Detroit as Teyana Taylor took center stage for a final bow.

It’s a bittersweet consideration, looking at the trajectory of R&B without new releases from Teyana Taylor.

It’s an even more wintry thought if you have ever seen her perform live because stars like ‘Petunia’ don’t shoot across our sphere often.

By the time I arrived at the show, I knew what type of night I was in for:

A long night full of energy.

The intimacy of the show was surreal. Before my arrival, I questioned why Taylor was performing in smaller venues considering her star power. But by the third song, her intentions were clear.

She wanted to connect with the audience — who’ve supported her through the ebbs and flows of her career.

The venue oozed with connectivity as individuals of all walks of life huddled in the forum in fandom and appreciation for Taylor’s artistry.

The essence of her passion for the craft: her efforts, successes, and hardships were all felt in the room.

From the time she hit the stage to her final bow, she performed at full throttle.

Teyana Taylor is a rarity, a class act if you will. There aren’t many artists who are refined performers as she is.

We live in an age where concerts can quickly feel like a ‘club appearance’ or walk-through if you will. But Teyana bears it all on stage.


Her connection with her fans is notable as she captioned on Instagram following this show.


“The laugher, the genuine love, the tears, the ENERGY, the EVERYTHING was EVERYTHING & more!!! Thank you for taking some of my final bows with me. I love y’all with all of me 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹”- Teyana Taylor.


As a fan of Teyana, I concur with this caption wholeheartedly.

The show was very minimalistic with no antics. It felt air-tight, leaving no room for distractions. The ambiance was apparent from the time Taylor set started, as the aura was a blend of warmth and seduction.

The show was centered on her passion and authenticity completely. She showed up just as I envisioned, only changing twice and offering us streetwear T and Aphrodite Goddess.

We got a great selection of songs from albums VII, K.T.S.E., and The Album.

The farewell tour in its own right was Teyana’s rose garden. It’s where she collected all the praise that somehow got lost in transit throughout her career. The flowers she deserves.

Taylor’s retirement shouldn’t come as a surprise as she’s openly discussed it on various platforms, including her social media and Cam Newton’s BET series Sip ‘N Smoke.

On the show, Taylor shares that her artistry has been overlooked over the years:

“So, for my mental health, my mental well-being, for my kids, let me just put this on ice for a little [bit]. It’s not that I retired permanently,” she added. “It’s more like, I just don’t feel like I want to move another inch for a company.”

The tour —hitting 12 North American cities and Toronto — was a beautiful experience. The Farewell Tour of a true artiste, unapologetic of her authenticity and impact.

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard,” Taylor captioned her tour announcement.”

“Come out and watch me, leave it all on the stage… One last time… Just for you & as my last rose petal fall, I say farewell…. 🥀””

– Teyana Taylor

As the night came to a close, I had half a mind to start an encore chant, as I— like so many others in attendance — wasn’t ready for Petunia’s last bow.



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