BTS: The Odyssey Online

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In the beginning there was FEAR.

I won’t pretend that I had this whole writing thing figured out, this publication is a testament that I wasn’t sure and still am not sure how all of this goes. Or at least, where or how I want it to go… but true to my authentic self I just knew that I wanted and needed them more so to GO.

So, lets take it back to summer of 2015! I was home from college for the summer and needing a job… but also a creative outlet. I had worked so HARD during my academic semesters and knew that I was finding my voice and place.

But $ called and I found myself working at Walmart, three times to sometimes everyday a week.


It’s a cliche but it’s true to me and my lifestyle. It speaks of my past and where I’m headed.

I randomly spotted a clarion call for content creators in my spam and decided to try it out. Working at Walmart during the time of the deadline, I reached out to my current editor and asked for an extension. Doubtful that she’d even give me one, I reluctantly tried anyways. I didn’t have much time to create anything new, so I used a piece that didn’t make the cut for another publication.

The piece was super spiritual which was something that paralyzed me at the time, I didn’t know how the community would respond to me candidly discussing my super personal-authentic-and-organic relationship with God.

However, before I pressed the send button I opt’d to take a shower and release my anxiety through prayer and a natural cleanse (literally).

I said out loud


you saved me , so make a way for me!

And my acceptance email was the response to that! The odyssey has been the most instrumental platform for me thus far. It’s my first time weekly creating content and learning the ropes of truly creating from start to finish. It’s my first crack at learning the process from conceptualization to reality.

It’s brought me my audience, which has ultimately fed my faith because without the odyssey online, I’d never know if anyone would read, I’d never know if I truly had anything of value to say…write… share.

However, 3 years later here we are and to imagine that we started from a place of fear to now having to find the time to create spiritual content because we’ve expanded our platforms from 1 to several.

God is good, faithful, gracious and kind!