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There’s No “We” Without ME: The Value of Individuality in Relationships.

We live in a society where it has been historically normative to undermine Women. Women have had to fight for mediocre rights, that of which men have seemed to automatically be privileged to. From my perspective, this separation of genders seems to be the root of biblical times—where Eve came from the rib of Adam. […]

What it means to be an Integrous Woman Pt.1

February was designated Black History Month. Many noteworthy Black men and women were intentionally honored for 28 days, due to their outstanding contributions to society. Since March is Women’s History month, many women will be celebrated for their unique contribution to society.     Sojourner Truth, Fanny Crosby, Mary Bethune McLeod, Mother Teresa, and Rosa Parks are […]


Superwoman … Oh what it is to be a woman Loving, nurturing, caring, nesting, uplifting , empowering, primping, adapting, comforting, accepting, multiplying… Great things come from a woman. The idea of a woman used align with the idea of superwoman… Cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, and keeping the man happy Well that idea […]