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Superwoman … Oh what it is to be a woman Loving, nurturing, caring, nesting, uplifting , empowering, primping, adapting, comforting, accepting, multiplying… Great things come from a woman. The idea of a woman used align with the idea of superwoman… Cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, and keeping the man happy Well that idea […]

First Of The Month: What You Doin’, How You Feelin’?

I’ve recently discovered that as I evolve in adulthood, I demonstrate different character traits that weren’t “as” evident in my childhood. Some good, others bad and many neutral. Most recent I’ve noticed that the older I age the more of a planner I become. Now, I’m using the term planner loosely to make myself feel […]

Leaning Not On Your Own Understanding: Learning To Love In Spite of Spite.

As I was casually scrolling through a few IG (instagram, for my none social media users) stories I stumbled upon a gem that one of my favorites (Scottie Beam) posted of another favorite of mine (nayyirah waheed) and well… the thoughts began to provoke and led me here to this laptop… writing to you! The […]