How & Why TGM?

From the beginning, shall we?

So as a child, I’ve always wanted to live in NYC, it’s been my one of my many dreams since I was able to articulate the visions I was having while sleeping. As a youngin’ pursuing writing in middle school and early high school I knew that NYC was my ticket! However, journeying to the location has been and still is the hassle.

Yet, where there’s a will there’s way!

Approaching my 1 year anniversary! I’ve been working with a brand based out of Brooklyn, NY and one  that I wholeheartedly support (might I add).

TheGIRLMOB also referred to as TGM!

A brand that functions solely to educate, affirm and progress the needs and agenda of women of color. A space where women of all cultures can let their hair down and truly be authentic.

Beyond what the brands promotes, it’s presence in my life has been a physical representation that manifestation is REAL!

That being fearless is a choice and that self-doubt can be eradicated.

I had no idea that I could ever write content for one of the very platforms I’d wake up and scroll on! I had no idea that I’d begin to brand myself by simply speaking my truth.

I didn’t know!

But as you continue to read my content and grow with me you’ll realize that I often stumble upon the very resolutions that I didn’t know I was looking for ; and as a result the many blessings that are attached keeps me humble and thanking Father God of every single aspect that I once “didn’t know”.